We organise PlayTech Talks, a series of knowledge-sharing talks on interesting topics, technological or otherwise, at Playtech for some time already. Now we have decided to broadcast already the fourth PlayTech Talk live so that everyone can join in! Playtech Talks: Streaming All the Things will be held by Riccardo Tommasini (PhD), Assistant Professor of Data Management at the University of Tartu. In recent years, the data landscape has changed. Big data are no longer a vision, and data systems evolve to support a new generation of data-intensive applications. Stream processing is playing a central role in this game where real-time decision making is a must. In this talk, Riccardo will walk you through 10 years of industrial and academic research in the area. Moreover, he will focus on *state-of-the-art data streaming platforms, i.e. Apache Kafka, Flink, and Spark *Stream Reasoning, i.e, when Stream Processing meets deductive and inductive Artificial Intelligence.